Mrs. Whitworth's Class - Team 33

Mrs. Whitworth's Class - Team 33
What a good looking group!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday, September 3

Welcome to September!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I want to give a quick remionder about our Flat Rock parent meeting tomorrow from 6-7 at Needham.  Please come with all your questions.

Today students have been working on gathering resources for our How-To Research project.  Be sure to check out the kidblog pages to see how we are progressing: Team33Kidblog and TeamShoultzKidblog.

We also worked on adding information to our Feedback and Data Binders.  This week we are graphing our midterm grades for Reading and Language. (Yep, we are already half way through our 1st 9 weeks.)  Please be sure to review all materials in the Feedback and Data Binder fill out a reflection page with your student.  They should be returned on Wednesday.

Did you know that you can check grades from home?  You can log in as a parent, or just have your student log in with their id.  We even have an easily accessible Grade Check link on the navbar of our website:

This week's Literacy Link and Homework are also now available on the website. Please take note that we will begin Lesson 1 of Vocabulary and Spelling this week. Each week we will work with a list of word-parts: prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Each list will have a two week rotation. The first week we will focus on VOCABULARY. We will study the meaning of each word part and how the parts can be combined to make new words. The second week we will focus on SPELLING. The students will have some time to practice spelling with the word-parts in class but will be expected to practice the words at home.

A lesson packet will be provided to students at the beginning of the each two week rotation. During the first week, students will use the packet to collaborate in class. At the end of the first week the packet will be sent home. It should be used to practice spelling skills and review word meanings. At the beginning of each rotation, a copy of the lesson packet will also be available on the Homework page of the website. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have question along the way.

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